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Free agents

Player Level Position Phone Email
Adam Murphy Jr. B Defence 902-218-1709 [email protected]
Alex Johnson Midget Defence 902-439-4169 [email protected]
Andrew Dirani Rec Goaltender 902-940-2606 [email protected]
Andy Gagnon Rec Forward 902-314-4622 [email protected]
Ben Buchanan University / College Forward 902-393-3306 [email protected]
Ben Gayler Midget Skater 902-960-1067 [email protected]
Ben Shawn Favro Rec Skater 226-789-8708 [email protected]
Blair Arsenault Midget Skater 902-940-2166 [email protected]
Brad Milligan Jr. B Forward 902-888-9250 [email protected]
Brad Romaniuk Midget Skater 780-852-8814 [email protected]
Brady Anderson Jr. C Skater 902-218-1773 [email protected]
Brady Chappell Midget Forward 902-394-4881 [email protected]
Brandon Mitchell Midget Forward 902-393-3665 [email protected]
Cameron Menzies Midget Forward 519-820-2544 [email protected]
Cody Rogers Rec Forward 902-303-1959 [email protected]
Colby Smith Midget Defence 902-940-1115 [email protected]
Dakota Cameron 3rd Division Forward 902-629-5614 [email protected]
Darrin Lang Jr. B Forward 902-218-3590 [email protected]
Drew McLean Midget Forward 506-899-0247 [email protected]
Dustin Quinn Midget Skater 902-316-2420 [email protected]
Eric Labelle Rec Goaltender 902-213-0665 [email protected]
Gabriel Jenkins University / College Skater 709-689-3515 [email protected]
Gairet Sullivan Rec Forward 709-769-9000 [email protected]
Graham Anderson Rec Skater 403-354-3940 [email protected]
Graham Wieja Rec Forward 902 940 1693 [email protected]
Greg Campbell Jr. A Forward 902-628-3965 [email protected]
Hardy Callaghan University / College Defence 902-403-0413 [email protected]
Jack Drake Midget Forward 902-621-2777 [email protected]
James Strang Midget Defence 506-624-7991 [email protected]
Jamie Cummings Rec Skater 902-330-2919 [email protected]
Jason MacEachern Jr. C Defence 506-644-9580 [email protected]
Jeff Blake Rec Goaltender 902-380-1577 [email protected]
John Keefe Midget Defence 902-393-6574 [email protected]
John Ward Rec Goaltender 902-940-5362 [email protected]
Jordan Little University / College Forward 902-218-3791 [email protected]
Josh Lewis 3rd Division Skater 902-330-1696 [email protected]
Joshua Garnier Midget Forward 902-577-8387 [email protected]
Keith Kennedy Jr. B Forward 647-774-6054 [email protected]
Kenzie Wadden Midget Forward 902-371-3157 [email protected]
Kevin McLeod Rec Goaltender 902-388-0504 [email protected]
Kyle Hicken Jr. C Forward 902-456-0072 [email protected]
Kyle MacDonald Rec Goaltender 902-213-2256 [email protected]
Kylie Wilson Pro Skater 250-808-4473 [email protected]
Landon Holmes Midget Forward 902-316-0013 [email protected]
Lucas Holman Jr. B Defence 902-986-4462 [email protected]
Mario Maillet Midget Defence 506-955-5362 [email protected]
Mark Crossman Jr. B Forward 902-393-7874 [email protected]
Mark Kemball Rec Forward 902-218-7155 [email protected]
Matt Heckbert Midget Forward 902-940-4274 [email protected]
Matt McInnis Midget Forward 902-213-5870 [email protected]
Matt Tarso Jr. B Forward 204-721-9375 [email protected]
Matthew Mackay Rec Goaltender 902-940-9198 [email protected]
Mike Perry Midget Forward 902-213-3347 [email protected]
Mike Roberts Midget Forward 902-940-6788 [email protected]
Mitch Hammill Midget Forward 902-439-6297 [email protected]
Nicholas Sincennes University / College Forward 514-898-7494 [email protected]
Nick Groeneweg Rec Forward 226-376-6696 [email protected]
Nick Konstantonis University / College Forward 802-881-6613 [email protected]
Noah McCabe Rec Forward 902-388-6176 [email protected]
Nolan Leger Midget Forward 506-536-7508 [email protected]
Parker Cameron Midget Skater 902-432-0761 [email protected]
Patrick Turner Jr. C Skater 705-279-8900 [email protected]
Paul Camenzuli Rec Skater 416-346-7546 [email protected]
Quentin Kenny Midget Forward 902-394-6253 [email protected]
Ryan Simpson Midget Skater 902-303-6097 [email protected]
Ryan Sloan Midget Skater 902-393-7691 [email protected]
Sam Norris Midget Defence 902-300-4564 [email protected]
Shane Demmings Rec Goaltender 902-298-1474 [email protected]
Shawn MacInnis Midget Forward 902-218-7434 [email protected]
Sheldon Lavers Rec Forward 902-969-2227 [email protected]
Spencer Gill Midget Forward 902-213-7558 [email protected]
Spencer McKenna Rec Forward 902-439-9447 [email protected]
Todd Stokes Jr. B Goaltender 639-997-7920 [email protected]
Trevor Doucet Midget Defence 902-367-0346 [email protected]
Ty Barlow Rec Goaltender 902-940-0546 [email protected]
Viktor Gutierrez Rec Forward ‭1 (867) 446-9591‬ [email protected]
Zach Legari Midget Defence 902-213-6783 [email protected]


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